Xylitol | 木糖醇


  • An incredible sweetener that more people treat as an ideal substitute for sugar
  • Pure and no other added ingredients
  • Low glycemic impact and won’t promote tooth decay
  • 1/3 Fewer calories than sugar but 1:1 sweets level
  • Not affect to body’s blood sugar
  • Keto, diabetes, and obesity friendly
  • Have HALAH Certification

If you are searching for a healthier, low calorie, natural, keto, and diabetes-friendly sweetener or sugar replacement, Leywin Xylitol will satisfy your sweet cravings. You may already know sugar has become the No.1 public health enemy in our daily life. Since excess sugar can lead to weight gain, blood sugar problems, increase risk of heart disease tooth decay, etc. Xylitol can perfectly solve these concerns.



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