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I believe the future of sweet deserts will be both yummy and healthy, Enjoy sweet while low calorie, carbohydrate and benifit for health.


3月 8, 2021

Leywin Product Description

Leywin Sdn Bhd provides quality products and services for ice cream and milk tea, including ingredients, flavor customized. Our ice cream & milk tea are the only Super Low-Calorie Products in Malaysia. Good for health, and suitable for Diabetics, Obesities, and people who are losing weight or doing Gym.

We wish to devote to healthy drinks for everyone. There are three categories of our products:

Healthy Sugar-free Ice Cream Powder & Frozen Yogurt Powder:

  • Sugar-free healthy ice cream, same taste as the traditional ice cream but low-calorie and good for health.
  • Multiple flavors choices
  • Both commercial pack and Homemade package, which allows you to DIY your ice-cream at home
  • Contact us and customize your unique flavor to increase your advantage competitiveness to your competitors.
  • Traditional Formular  VS Sugar-free technology, to target different markets.
  • Sugar-free ice cream/ Frozen Yogurt suitable for Diabetics, Obesities, Children, and Weight Management people.

Low Calories Keto-friendly Milk Tea Drinks

  • A new generation of Bubble Milk Tea
  • Low calorie but have same sweet

Healthy Natural Nutrient Food Ingredients

  • Chinese Traditional Herbs: Red dates, Goji berry, Gengsing, etc.
  • Natural Sugar Substitutes: SugarlTol( Leywin 0 calorie sugar), Erythritol, Maltitol, etc.
  • Tea Powder: Black tea, Matcha Powder, etc.
  • Quality Creamer: Non-dairy cream
  • Other ingredients

Welcome to contact us, for family purchase or commercial cooperation.

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