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We are committed to develop and formulate real low calorie healthy desserts.

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Hey, I’m Ínes!


I believe the future of sweet dessert will be both yammy and healthy. Enjoy sweet while low calorie, low carbohydrate and benifit for health.


Healthy Sugar Free Ice Cream & Frozen Yogurt

Sugar free healthy ice cream, same sweet, premium but lower calorie & carbohydrate.

Low Cal Keto Healthy Milk Tea Drinks

New generation of Bubble milk tea. Sugar free makes milk tea healthy.

Healthy Nutrient Keto Food Ingredients

We use perfect natural ingredients for healthy desserts, drinks and foods.


Malaysia’s Exclusive Company For Keto Ice Cream Drink Desserts.

Leywin Sdn Bhd. (Known as Leywin Food Tech) is specialize in Research & Develop Free Low Calorie Keto Desserts such as Ice Cream, Milk Tea. Frozen Yogurts. Etc…

We are currently the only company in Malaysia able to develop special flavor and calculate specific keto drinks for customers.

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Ice Cream · Milk Tea or Frozen Yogurt Can Be Healthy and Low Calorie.

Leywin Food Tech uses natural sweetener to fully subsitute normal sugar.


Leywin Exclusive 0 Calorie Sweetener SugarTol.

SugarTol is a new style of natural plant base sweetener by Leywin, 0 calorie while 2 times sweeter than sugar.

Customized High Quality Non-Dairy Creamer.

We use the selected creamer, high protein, hight fat pure milk taste and no transfat include. better quality with taste.

Pure Natural Plant Base Stevia and Mogroside

Stevia and Mogroside to update the sweetness and taste meanwhile higher the quality of ice cream and desserts.

Our Products and Ingredients

The Future of Desserts, Low Carl Healthy will be your better choice.

Traditional desserts contain huge sugar, which is the biggest hidden danger of diabetes and obesity. Let’s Choose sugar-free desserts from now on, to enjoy sweetness and health.

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